Post: Lead Markers Now Ship in 3 Business Days

Lead Markers Now Ship in 3 Business Days

Looking for lead markers for x-ray?

Lead Markers Now Ship in 3 Business Days

Phillips Safety is proud to announce that our facility produces lead markers that ship 3 business days after you order.

If you’re working in x-ray and need lead markers, we can make custom lead markers with your company’s initials in 3 business days. Our lead markers are color coded (red for right, blue for left) and feature no exposed lead parts to ensure total safety and usability.

If you’re looking for lead markers, here’s what’s great about ours:

  • Our lead markers ship within 3 business days after you order, even on custom orders.
  • Our line of lead markers comes in standard colors: red for right, blue for left.
  • We make all of our lead markers in-house, to order, allowing us to create custom orders with your company’s initials on the marker.
  • Our lead markers are made with no lead parts exposed. All you and your coworkers will ever come in contact with is plastic and aluminum; the lead is contained within the plastic.
  • Our lead markers are proven to show up dark and visible in x-rays.

If you’re shopping for lead markers, we can ship yours in three business days!

If you have any questions about lead markers, what we can do for you, or what they are for, you can give us a call or leave a comment below. We’re proud to make our markers in the USA, with the quality and precision you expect of Phillips Safety.

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