Post: An Introduction to The 7 Most Common Radiation Safety Glasses For First-Time Buyers

An Introduction to The 7 Most Common Radiation Safety Glasses For First-Time Buyers

When you start working in a setting where you will be exposed to radiation, you will undoubtedly need protective gear to keep you safe and preserve your overall health and well-being. As you might have guessed, your eyes need to be fully protected when working around radiation and fortunately there are plenty of safety glasses for you to choose from. If you have never purchased radiation safety glasses before and don’t know where to start, take a look at the seven most common radiation safety glasses that are available.

  1. Prescription Radiation Safety Glasses: Prescription radiation safety glasses are exactly what they sound like: protective eye wear that not only shields your eyes from harmful debris and other elements, but eye wear that offers corrective lenses to match your unique prescription. If you require lenses for nearsightedness, farsightedness, both, or some other eye condition, you can easily find protective eye wear that will cater to your prescription needs. You will just need to make sure that you invest in frames and lenses that are designed specifically to accommodate prescription glasses wearers. If you wear conventional glasses on a daily basis, you will have no trouble finding a wide array of glasses with different frame options including economy frames, wraparound frames, metal frames, plastic frames, goggles and face shields.
  2. Goggle And Face Shields: Not everyone who needs protective eye wear for their professional work or recreational activities likes the idea of wearing glasses. Others find goggles and face shields to be more comfortable solutions and if you are one such person, you will be happy to know there are plenty of goggles available. Radiation goggles offer incredible comfort without compromising security, thanks to its head strap and tight seals. If you want to protect your whole face while being exposed to radiation, you will need to invest in a face shield. This is ideal for anyone working in examination rooms. The face shield not only offers the maximum level of protection, it provides a panoramic view to enhance visibility while working.
  3. Metal Frames: Good news for those who like the feel of metal frames; there are countless protective eye wear style options that are constructed with metal frames. An affordable option, radiation safety glasses with metal frames come in a stylish aviator design and use powerful stainless steel materials. Radiation safety glasses with metal frames also come with protective side shields, spring hinges, and comfortable nose pads that are designed for easy adjustment. The lenses are designed to fully protect your eyes from radiation and offer distortion-free benefits to maximize your level of clarity while working.
  4. Plastic Fashion Frames: Protecting your eyes from radiation doesn’t mean having to compromise your sense of style. While other frames have an element of style in their own right (such as metal frames being designed like aviators), some safety glasses are designed specifically to look great. Philips Safety Glasses, for example, create radiation safety glasses with different frame styles for women. The frames are practical, durable, and lightweight, yet they also prioritize style by providing different size, color, and pattern options. Along with impeccable style, fashionable frames by Philips Safety Glasses offer other attractive features such as chemical-resistant lenses, lenses designed for high impact, and distortion-free vision.
  5. Economy Frames: Good news for anyone looking for affordable radiation safety glasses: there are several economy model frames to choose from and though each are different in their own right, they offer the same level of quality. You can choose among different frame styles, sizes, and materials. Some offer a protective side shield while others are shaped more similarly to goggles. Others are ultra sleek, black and edgy, while other frames offer fun, vibrant colors and patterns. But no matter the difference in look, each economy frame accommodates the right lens for you…lenses that are designed for high impact and optimum clarity while working.
  6. Fit Over Frames: If you have conventional corrective lenses that you wear on a daily basis, you will obviously need that same prescription while you are working. However, it is understandable that you might not want to invest in a pair of prescription safety glasses when you already have traditional prescription glasses. That is where fit over frames come in. These protective glasses are designed to protect both your eyes and your regular glasses. Though the idea of fit over frames may sound uncomfortable or like they add extra weight, the reality is that they are practically weightless and only big enough to cover the glasses you are already wearing. When you purchase fit over frames from Philips Safety Glasses, you also have the option to choose a super stylish pair of fit over frames.
  7. Wraparound Frames: An extra secure option, wraparound frames sit on your face comfortably while you work and offer many features such as high impact nylon material, rubber nose pads, and a ventilation system to minimize fogging. Aside from functionality and comfort, wraparound frames come in many different styles and colors to match your preferences. And for the lenses, you can enjoy a high impact option that offers distortion-free clarity and maximum protection against radiation exposure.

Looking for more information regarding radiation safety glasses? Or are you in need of other protective eye wear for laser exposure, welding, or any other situation that requires you to work in a high exposure environment? Don’t hesitate to contact us today with any questions that you may have.

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