Post: Phillips Safety Products Launches its New YouTube Channel

Phillips Safety Products Launches its New YouTube Channel

With regular new product releases, a fresh creative team, and a lot to talk about, Phillips Safety Products is proud to announce our debut on YouTube.

Phillips Safety Products Launches its New YouTube Channel

Let’s face it: in many ways, videos are the new text. Today’s internet is filled with videos ranging from Vine-style comedic shorts to full-length documentaries, and gathering information is no different. Whether it’s instructions, the description of a brand, or a how-to, videos are useful, quick, engaging, and effective ways of getting information.

We created our YouTube Channel with industry professionals in mind, as well as current and potential customers. Whether you’re trying to learn about the lens colors and frames best suited to your style of glassworking or which laser safety glasses will protect you from your YAG laser, our channel will have a video for you.

Our new YouTube channel has been launched for the following purposes:

  • To supply information about our products and their uses.
  • To highlight new product releases.
  • To engage in thoughtful discourse with our customer base and specific industry professional communities at large.
  • To offer helpful information to the industries we serve, particularly where safety and updates to safety requirements are concerned.
  • To inform the communities we serve of new technologies that may impact or improve their work.

If you’re a customer of ours or somebody who works with lasers, radiation, welding, hot glass, or in any of the other industries we serve, our new YouTube channel is for you. Check us out!

If you want more information on our products, you can also check out our other blog posts, visit our web site, or give us a call! Stay safe!

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