Post: Why You Should Get Orbtronic Laser Protection Safety Glasses or Goggles

Why You Should Get Orbtronic Laser Protection Safety Glasses or Goggles

If you work with green lasers, then you should really consider orbtronic laser protection safety glasses or goggles. These will not only provide you with much-needed protection for your eyes but will also allow you to wear your regular glasses underneath.It is important to remember, of course, that these glasses should not be worn when working with red laser, because they are specifically designed to protect against green laser light.

Protecting Your Eyes

When you work with a job that uses rays of ultraviolet light and laser light, you need to protect your eyes at all times. Not only does OSHA require professionals to wear protection when your eyes are at risk, but you won’t know the consequences of your actions until it’s too late.Your retina is the tissue that lines the back of the eye, near the optic nerve. It is responsible for receiving light that the lens has focused, convert the light into neural signals, and then transmit those to the brain. This information is sent through the optic nerve and ultimately is the process that enables your vision. If your retina doesn’t work, you will be unable to see anything. You can be born blind and without a retina, or it can become detached which requires surgery to repair. Of course, you can also damage it, resulting in potentially significant vision loss.A laser damages your eye because it consists of a concentrated beam of light. When your eye sees the laser light, it is further focused by the lens into a sharp dot. Any laser with a higher density than 5 milliwatts is dangerous because it can produce brightness the equivalent of the sun’s surface. That’s significant; even personal laser pointers can produce that type of density.It’s also important to note that the damage you can incur can range from mild to severe, depending on how the light actually hits your eye. If the light shines right into your eye, you run the highest risk of permanently scorching your retina and being unable to see for the rest of your life.Therefore, when you work with professional-grade lasers, there is no wiggle room for accidents. If you don’t wear the proper eyewear, you run the risk of causing irreparable harm to your eyes that cannot be treated.

Orbtronic Laser Safety Goggles

When you are trying to find the right glasses, you need to get the ones best suited for your eyes’ protection. Not all glasses are the same, and it is vital to be sure you can find the correct pair. If you don’t find the pair of glasses that correspond with your need, you can cause your eyes serious harm, including permanent damage and even blindness.The glasses discussed in this post are designed to protect against Green 532nm and Blue 473nm, and even provide protection from 190nm to 540nm. In other words, these goggles function to block out 95% of green laser light, 50% of blue laser light, and 40% of violet laser light.Additionally, these glasses are comfortable and boast great usability. They wrap around your head, which means that your eyes will have a greater area of protection. So if you move things around during alignment phases in small spaces, your eyes will still be protected from inadvertent exposure.In addition, we should mention the fact that wearing these goggles allows you to wear your normal prescription glasses underneath. They simply fit over them, which means you can easily take them off and on without impairing your vision. The build of these glasses also has side venting, which helps to prevent any type of fog from forming during your work.Finally, the lenses also show the laser light as a barely visible dot, which means you can take additional steps to protect your eyes. They even come with a cleaning cloth and a nice case, which means that you can keep them clean and scratch-free. In all, these goggles will offer you optimal eye protection and give you a nice, sturdy feel. Of course, the attached rubber strap will help to keep them in place on your head while you are performing your work.

Finding the Right Set of Safety Goggles

When you are working with lasers, finding the right set of safety goggles is not optional. You need to a pair that will work best for the type of laser that you are using. These glasses work the best with green laser light, but are still very functional for both blue and purple. If you are working with red laser light, then these types of glasses are not a good fit.Additionally, they are crush and break-proof, which means that they are great for work. Their superior durability and reasonable price make for a great buy. With a comfortable style and large frame, they are ideal for those who wear glasses on a regular basis as well as for those who don’t.Whether you work in the medical field doing laser skin treatments, in the physics field doing experiments, or in the optical field working on new technologies, orbtronic laser protection safety glasses are a great addition to your work gear. You never want to play fast and loose with your eyes, because if you severely damage your retina, there is no going back.To give your eyes the most protection, you need to get a pair of orbtronic laser protection glasses. To learn more about all the safety products we offer, including laser protection safety glasses and goggles, please contact us.

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