Post: Phillips Safety Products Announces CE Certification on 6 Laser Filter

Phillips Safety Products Announces CE Certification on 6 Laser Filter

This entry was posted on October 1, 2013, by Kieran Hunt.

A new line of laser filters just hit the European market.

Phillips Safety Products Announces CE Certification on 6 Laser Filters

CE certification is required for the sale and use of laser safety glasses in most European countries, and Phillips Safety Products just announced CE certification on 6 of the company’s most popular laser filters.

This marks a step forward for the company, enabling Phillips to expand upon the foothold the company already created when it announced CE certification on its radiation safety glasses in 2011.

Phillips Safety’s CE Certification currently applies to the following 6 laser filters:

  • KG5 – The Phillips Safety KG5, also known as AKG-5 Holmium/YAG/CO2, is a glass laser filter used to protect from many lasers common in medical industries, including Holmium, YAG, and CO2. It offers extremely high VLT and coverage, blocking 900-1000nm at 5+ OD, 1000-2400nm at 7+ OD, and 2900-10600nm at 7+ OD.
  • CD2 – The Phillips Safety CD2, also known as CO2/Excimer, is a polycarbonate laser filter used for many medical and research applications. It is commonly used with CO2 lasers and Excimer lasers and blocks 190-370nm at 5+ OD and 10600nm at 6+ OD. It also has a very high VLT, at 82.0%.
  • D81 – The Phillips Safety D81, also known as D81 Diode 810, is a polycarbonate laser filter used with Diode lasers operating at 810nm. It offers protection from 800-830nm at 5+ OD and has great VLT at 68%.
  • YAG – The Phillips Safety YAG is a polycarbonate laser filter that is typically used with YAG lasers (not YAG harmonic). It protects at 190-380nm at 5+ OD, 1064nm at 7+ OD, and 900-1100nm at 5+ OD with a 58.7% VLT rating.
  • YAGD – The Phillips Safety YAGD, or YAG Double Harmonics, is a polycarbonate laser filter that is used for YAG Double, or YAG Harmonics lasers. It’s our most popular YAG filter and offers protection at 190-534nm at 5+ OD and 910-1070nm at 6+ OD, with 26.2% VLT.
  • BG39 – The Phillips Safety BG38, or Alexandrite/Diode High Light Transmission is a laser filter used primarily in healthcare situations for Alexandrite Diode lasers. It offers protection at 632nm at 2+ OD, 650-690nm at 3+ OD, and 690-1000nm at 6+ OD with 55.5% VLT.

This is only the beginning. Even now, we are working on gathering CE certifications for more of our laser filters so that, one day, our whole laser line will be available on the European market.

If you are in Europe and looking for laser safety glasses, we probably have what you need. Our 6 CE certified laser filters are used for some of the most commonly used lasers in the world, and they are some of the highest-quality, optical clarity filters in existence.

If you have any questions about laser safety glasses or our CE certifications, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or leave a comment below. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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