Post: Phillips Safety New 8-Peg Wall-Mounted Leaded Apron Racks

Phillips Safety New 8-Peg Wall-Mounted Leaded Apron Racks

Phillips Safety’s new leaded apron racks are manufactured in-house for the highest quality American fabrication and design.

New 8-Peg Wall-Mounted Leaded Apron Racks

Phillips Safety’s leaded apron racks are fabricated at our in-house machine shop located at 123 Lincoln Blvd, Middlesex, New Jersey.

Constructed of a durable and lightweight powder-coated aluminum, they’re built to last longer than the walls they’re mounted on.

The Phillips Safety line of lead apron racks feature 8 pegs for hanging 4 aprons. The pegs are tilted upward to prevent aprons from sliding off, and the electro-magnetic powder coating adds a bit of friction to help keep the aprons from moving around.

Here’s what’s great about Phillips Safety’s new 8-peg leaded apron racks:

  • Durability. The lead apron racks are constructed of solid aluminum and welded together to ensure supreme strength and longevity.
  • Lightweight. The lightweight aluminum the leaded apron racks are constructed of make the racks very light for their strength.
  • Wall-Mounted. Our 8-peg leaded apron rack is wall-mounted, allowing you to store your lead aprons in a convenient and easy-to-reach place.
  • Designed for Function. The pegs are tilted upward and powder coated to keep aprons from sliding off of them.
  • Aesthetic. Clean, sleek design and attractive, easy-to-clean powder coating make these lead apron racks complement the design style of any hospital or lab environment.
  • Made in America. All Phillips Safety apron racks are fabricated on-site located in the state of New Jersey, giving you the highest-quality engineering and allowing you to invest directly in our American economy.

If you need to accommodate easy access to leaded aprons in a fluoroscopy or x-ray lab, our lead apron racks are perfect for your requirements.

If you have any questions about our apron racks or if you’re interested in having a custom rack manufactured, please leave a comment or contact our sales department at 888-440-9797.

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