Post: New Prescription Laser Safety Glasses

New Prescription Laser Safety Glasses

Our prescription laser safety glasses line has expanded to include more laser filters.

New Prescription Laser Safety Glasses

Our prescription laser safety glasses cannot be made in every laser filter we carry because of the nature of some of our laser filter materials. Recently, however, we have expanded our prescription line to include several more laser safety filters, giving our customers more options for their prescription laser safety glasses.

If you wear prescription glasses and need to wear laser safety eyewear, you have two options. You can either go with fitover laser safety glasses which go on top of your existing eyewear, or you can order prescription laser safety glasses. There are benefits to getting your laser safety glasses in prescription as opposed to a fitover, and there are a few reasons why prescription laser safety glasses can be considered safer than wearing prescription glasses with a fitover on top.

If you’re considering getting prescription laser safety glasses, here is some information to help your decision:

  • Prescription laser safety glasses are safer than fitover laser safety glasses because they are more comfortable. Fitovers add more weight to your nose and face than a single pair of glasses would, making prolonged use uncomfortable. Discomfort can lead to rushed work or taking off your eyewear, which could lead to an injury when working with lasers.
  • Because prescription laser safety glasses are more comfortable, you will be more prone to wearing them instead of cutting corners and possibly getting injured or in trouble for not wearing them.
  • Wearing two pairs of glasses increases the risk of eyewear sliding down your face and potentially opening a gap for a beam or scattered radiation to get to your eye. This is much less of a risk when working with a single pair of prescription laser safety glasses.
  • Our prescription laser safety glasses are all made using our in-house optical lab. We hold our prescription lenses to strict ANSI tolerances to ensure that your prescription is comfortable and secure.
  • Many of our prescription laser safety frames look cool, so you get style and comfort while working.

Laser safety eyewear is a prime priority when working with a laser system, and if you wear prescription glasses, your eyewear situation can feel complicated and stressful. If you need laser safety eyewear and you wear prescription glasses, it is worth considering getting prescription laser safety glasses.

Aside from being more comfortable and somewhat safer than fitovers, prescription laser safety glasses are an investment in your work and extend the life of both your prescription glasses and your laser safety glasses. With prescription laser safety glasses, you use one pair for work, and one pair for everything else. This flexibility means less wear on your personal glasses, extending their life.

If you have any questions or comments about prescription laser safety glasses or which ones are best for you, please leave them in the comments below or give us a call. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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