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Laser Protection Glasses

Need to protect your eyes from a laser beam?

Glasses for Laser Protection

Laser protection glasses, or laser safety glasses, are an absolutely necessary part of the safety apparel that should be worn in many laser applications. Whether you’re using a laser for surgery, research, or cutting metal, it’s likely that you need laser protection glasses.Laser protection glasses use advanced filtering materials impregnated into the lenses to filter out specific wavelengths and/or ranges of wavelengths. Laser protection glasses that are appropriate for your laser will include your laser’s wavelength in the ranges of filtered light. The optical density (OD) that the glasses filter the laser is important as well: the higher the OD, the better the glasses are at blocking that wavelength. If you need total protection, you probably need an OD above 5 or 7 at your laser’s wavelength.If you’re looking for laser protection glasses, here’s what we have to offer:

  • Laser protection glasses for all industries and laser types.
  • The ability to manufacture custom filters for special applications and new lasers.
  • A wide selection of frames to ensure proper fit, comfort, and looks.
  • Custom pad printing for your company’s branding needs.
  • Optical quality laser filter lenses available in a variety of materials.

If you require eye protection to work with your laser, don’t cut corners. Some lasers can cause permanent injury or blindness from only 5 nanoseconds or less of exposure. That means that you will be permanently blinded before you can process the fact that you just went blind!If you’d like more information about laser protection glasses, you can check out our online store, read our other blogs, or contact us! We are proud to offer a versatile, continuously growing, and state-of-the-art laser safety line and would be happy to serve you. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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