Post: Laser glasses for helicopter pilots

Laser glasses for helicopter pilots

Protecting your eyes is extremely important especially in the fields of Aviation, Border Patrol, Coast Guard, Local Law Enforcement and Military.  In this line of work not only is it important to protect your eyes from the UV rays of the sun but also from Laser Pointers.Both intentional and non-intentional strikes of these high-powered visible blue, green and red lasers have been reported. These laser strikes can cause temporary and debilitating blindness and potentially fatal consequences in situations where sight is necessary, particularly in positions of defense.We at Phillips Safety Products take great pride in providing the best protection for your eyes.  Our company offers a line of lenses called Laser Strike Eye wear.On our user friendly website under “Laser Safety” we offer a variety of frames from plastic to metal in a wrap around style that can accomidate different face shapes and sizes.Check out our products that can protect your eyes from the threat of Laser Pointers on .-Jessica

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