Post: 7 of The Most Popular Frame Styles For Laser Safety Glasses

7 of The Most Popular Frame Styles For Laser Safety Glasses

Although it is typically the protective lenses that people buy laser safety glasses for, the frames of those glasses should not be overlooked or brushed off as an unimportant aspect of your purchase. Not only are they essentially the foundation for the protective lenses that you need, they also offer some protective benefits themselves such as security, functionality, and side protection when you are exposed to lasers in your work setting. And if you are in the process of investing in a brand new pair of laser safety glasses, you undoubtedly want to invest in eye wear that will last you for a very long time and prove to offer your eyes the highest level of protection. Just as the quality of the lenses is extremely important, so too is the quality of the frames. Don’t hesitate to ask your co-workers who might also use laser safety eye wear what they are familiar with and would recommend you buy. In addition to that, speak to manufacturers about any questions you have or read reviews on the frames that you are thinking about buying. If you know what you are looking for regarding lenses, but want some advice on what frame styles are the best, take a look at these seven popular frames that plenty of others have worn before with positive results.

    1. Model Eurolite-Argon Alignment Model #33-BK: Known for their balanced blend of practicality and sleekness, these frames offer several benefits including maximized visibility and lead side shields for even greater protection. These no-frills frames are suitable for most head sizes, yet are particularly useful for anyone who needs fit over safety glasses to wear over their traditional prescription glasses. The standard economy frames are designed to prioritize optimum functionality, security, and durability.
    2. CD2 Laser Safety Glasses 17001: The CD2 Laser Safety Glasses offer durability and comfort in a sleek rectangular frame. Featuring a polycarbonate clear lens filter for laser protection with 82% visible light transmission, these glasses meet ANSI Z87+ and ANSI Z136.1 safety standards, as well as CE certification, ensuring thorough protection in hazardous settings. With rubberized temples enhancing comfort and providing a secure fit, the 17001 model is the go-to choice for professionals seeking dependable laser safety glasses.
  1. Argon Alignment 3-Model #66-S: Though there are several Model #66-S frames to choose from, one of the most popular is the Argon Alignment 3-Model. The extra large lenses are designed for maximum viewing capabilities, allowing wearers to work with greater peace of mind and feel more confident about their safety. The durable frames make for a great long-term investment and they come with adjustable temple bars for added flexibility and comfort.
  2. Argon Alignment 8-Model #66-S: Another great Model #66-S option is the Argon Alignment 8 frames. Designed to provide the highest level of protection and security, these functional frames also prioritize comfort. These frames are great for large lenses that offer more visibility and safety and the rubber temple bars and nose pads make these frames more secure with a stronger grip.
  3. Co2 Ebrium-Model #375: One of the highest quality options for performance, the Co2 Ebrium Model #375 is built to offer complete protection while enhancing performance abilities and visibility when you find yourself exposed to lasers in your work setting. The weightless, yet incredibly durable frames offer excellent support for the lenses and they sit comfortably, yet securely on your face. With side protection, the Argon Alignment 8-Model #66-S is a popular safety eye wear option that gives users an added element of security. These sturdy frames are also ANSI Z87+ approved.
  4. D81 Diode 810nm-Model #OTG: The Model #OTG line offers several high quality frame options, primarily those designed to fit over traditional prescription glasses. The nylon materials that construct the frame makes this model a highly durable, yet flexible option. The D81 Diode 810nm-Model #OTG is ultra lightweight and sits comfortable on the wearer’s face. People who use this fit over frame also won’t have to worry about eye wear that is loose and slides down the nose or doesn’t sit securely. These frames also come with an adjustable temple bar for added comfort and security.
  5. Model 206: One of the most popular frame styles on the market is the Model 206 frame. These wraparound frames are extremely sturdy, making them an excellent, long-term investment. Though highly durable and dependable, they still prove to be ultra lightweight and comfortable. There are many Model 206 options to choose from, with one example being the Argon Alignment 8-Model 206. These frames are constructed with a rubber temple bars and nose pads to add an extra strong grip and added comfort. The rubber materials also does an impeccable job of absorbing sweat, dirt, and other debris so that it doesn’t drip into the wearer’s eyes when they are working.

Looking for more information on the many other frame types and styles for laser safety glasses? Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have or keep reading our other blog posts for more information! We offer an extensive line of high quality safety eye wear for people who are working in a variety of environments. Whether you need to protect you eyes while working around lasers or radiation, we have what you need. We also have safety gear and glasses for professionals working in welding, glass working, and MRI settings. Check out our website or shoot us a message today!

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