Post: 5 Qualities That Make Exceptional Laser Safety Glasses

5 Qualities That Make Exceptional Laser Safety Glasses

When you are working in a relatively dangerous environment or are exposed to laser beams on a daily basis, it is absolutely imperative that you have the finest protection possible for some of your most vital organs: your eyes. If you aren’t sure what makes up exceptional, high quality laser safety glasses, it is helpful to do a bit of research and equip yourself with a basic understanding of what excellent laser safety glasses should include. In this post, we will take a look at the top five factors that make exceptional laser safety glasses.

  1. They’re Adjustable: Laser safety glasses that don’t offer the option of being adjustable will very quickly become a nuisance for you. If you are in a setting where you will need to wear your laser safety glasses for long periods of time, you want a pair that can be worn so comfortably that you hardly even notice they are there. Dealing with the irritant of laser safety glasses that are either too loose or too light will become a great distraction and annoyance. Not to mention, laser safety glasses that don’t fit right and can’t be adjusted could end up being quite dangerous for you and could put your eyes at risk to being exposed to the laser. When buying laser safety glasses, make sure that they can be adjusted and will sit properly on your face.
  2. They Are Optimized For Comfort: Safety is the first priority when selecting a pair of laser safety glasses and comfort is the next most important factor. As stated above, if you are going to be wearing laser safety glasses for several hours, you need something that will sit comfortably on your face and allow you to work seamlessly without any distractions. There are several elements that make exceptional laser safety glasses and they should all be taken into consideration when purchasing a pair. The glasses should be sturdy, yet lightweight so they don’t put too much pressure on your face and nose. Nose pads and a temple bar (rubber pads work particularly well) that are designed for comfort while also providing a firm grip are important factors to have in a pair of quality laser safety glasses. As a general rule of thumb, search for a pair of laser safety glasses that offer a lightweight feature with a durable nylon frame, pads for comfort, and a design that offers a strong grip to provide your eyes with optimum protection.
  3. The Option For Prescription Laser Safety Glasses:Naturally, if you wear regular prescription glasses on a daily basis, you will need laser safety glasses that also come with a prescription. Even if you require bifocal lenses, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a quality pair of laser safety glasses that come with bifocal lenses or another prescription lens. Because everyone’s prescription is different, you will need to inform the manufacturer of your prescription so that you will be able to get a pair of laser safety glasses that meet your unique prescription standards. Don’t settle for laser safety glasses that compromise your visibility because they don’t offer the exact prescription lenses that you need. In order to ensure the highest level of safety and optimum vision, you need laser safety glasses with a prescription if you don’t have 20-20 vision, whether that is single vision or bifocal.
  4. Polycarbonate or Glass Filters: There are upsides to either one of these filtering options. If you opt for a polycarbonate filter, you’ll typically be spending less since this is the more affordable choice. Polycarbonate filters are also impact-resistant and incredibly lightweight. They do an excellent job of absorbing wavelengths and providing the highest level of protection against lasers. If you opt for a pair of laser safety glasses with a glass filter, you’ll usually find that they do a slightly better job of absorbing wavelengths. With glass filters, you can also work with a manufacture to achieve a custom fit that meets your unique design needs.
  5. Laser Safety Glasses That Are Designed Specifically For Your Protection Needs: For what field of work will you be using your laser safety glasses? Will they be used for athletic purposes? Or perhaps in the military field? Do you need eye wear designed for use in industrial fields or research and education? Strive to find a pair of laser safety glasses that can be used specifically for your exact field of work. Before purchasing a pair, make sure that they are able to block out the exact wavelength range you are exposed to. They should have all of the proper certifications, the ability to, at the very least, meet or even better, exceed, the ANSI Z136.1 requirements. If you have trouble finding the eye wear you need, don’t hesitate to solicit the assistance of a safety eye wear professional who will help you find the glasses that meet your unique needs.

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