Post: Hot Glassworking New Frame Selection

Hot Glassworking New Frame Selection

Looking for a great new pair of glassworking glasses?

Hot Glassworking New Frame Selection

Our new selection of hot glassworking glasses is great for anyone looking for eyewear to protect them during art or scientific glasswork.

We have always been proud to offer an outstanding selection of frame choices to give our glassworkers the options they need to find the perfect frame. The new additions only add to this goal, helping to ensure that you will find the frame that you’re most comfortable with wearing.

From Geek frames to new wraparounds, here’s what’s great about our hot glassworking new frame selection:

  • Geek frames for the modern fashion enthusiast. We now have an entire section of Geek frames in our hot glassworking section for you to choose from to match the current style.
  • New wraparound frames to suit a sporty look and also enhance side protection in busy shops.
  • New polycarbonate frames give you more options with lighter weight and increased comfort and impact resistance.
  • Our new metal frames add options with comfort, durability, and solidity. These are great for wearers who like the look and feel of a solid metal frame.
  • All of our new frames match the safety standards you’ve come to count on Phillips Safety for.

Our hot glassworking new frame selection is a great excuse to start shopping for that new pair of glassworking glasses you’ve been thinking about getting after the holidays!

If you have an old, worn-out pair of glassworking glasses or just need a pair to start, our new selection of glassworking glasses is a great way to break into the profession safely and with style. We also have tons of prescription options available.

If you have any questions about our glassworking eyewear or would like more information, please leave a comment below or give us a call. Stay safe!

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