Post: Geek Hot Glassworking Glasses Are Here!

Geek Hot Glassworking Glasses Are Here!

Looking for a stylish pair of glassworking glasses to complement the art you create?

Our New Geek Glassworking Glasses Are Here

Hot glass working glasses don’t have to be bulky and obtrusive; geek glassworking glasses are contemporary, stylish, comfortable, and safe!

Geek glasses and nerd glasses are a reincarnation of classic vintage styles using new, reliable materials and catchy spins on these classic glasses’ style. From wayfarers to ovals, squares to rectangles, these solid and bold plastic frames are sure to be the envy of your peers, and with the wide array of styles to choose from, there’s a hot glass working geek style for every face shape.

If you’re looking for glassworking safety glasses or hot glass working eyewear, here’s what you should know about geek hot glass working glasses:

  • Geek hot glass working glasses combine the safety of all of our standard hot, soft, boro, scientific, and colored glassworking glasses with the modern style of the geek glasses and nerd glasses revolution.
  • Artists and scientists alike can enjoy the style and elegance that comes from wearing geek glassworking eyewear. These styles are a perfect combination of cool and classy.
  • Nerd glass working glasses are constructed of solid and durable plastic materials which will stand up to the rigors of daily hot glass work.
  • Don’t be fooled, either: geek glassworking eyewear doesn’t sacrifice function for fashion. All of our geek hot glass working glasses use the same optical-quality glass working lenses for the utmost safety and reliability.
  • Show off your work! With geek glasses on your face as you create things of beauty, you’re sure to be comfortable if your shop allows customers to view your process.

Geek hot glass working glasses are the coolest line of glassworking glasses we’ve had to date. With the styles in the geek glassworking glasses collection, you might find yourself wearing these out of the shop!

If you have any questions about our new line of geek glassworking eyewear, give us a call! This line is a seamless fusion of our uncompromising safety standards and the latest styles in contemporary fashion eyewear. You’re going to love your new glasses!

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