Post: Bead Making Eye Protection

Bead Making Eye Protection

Need to protect your eyes while making art?

Bead Making Eye Protection

Using safety glasses during bead making is important if you want to keep your eyes safe from UV and sodium flare. Bead making eye protection is used to block the harmful ultraviolet rays, or UV, from torchwork from getting to your eyes, and it also blocks the bright orange light coming from torchwork which is typically referred to as sodium flare.Because UV can harm the retinas from continued exposure over time, even if you’re not currently using bead making eye protection now, you will likely still benefit from using it for the remainder of your career or time in the hobby. Additionally, the sodium flare blocking will not only protect your eyes; it’ll make your work much easier. Sodium flare is the most distracting part of bead making, since this harsh, bright orange light can severely limit your ability to see your work.If you’re interested in bead making eye protection, here’s what you should know:

  • Bead making eye protection block harmful UV rays from getting to your eyes, which can do damage over time.
  • Bead making eye protection also blocks sodium flare, which is extremely bright and painful to view for long periods.
  • Blocking sodium flare has the added bonus of improving your work, as it all becomes much easier to see after this harsh orange light is removed.
  • Protecting your eyes with bead making safety glasses will ensure your prolonged ability to practice the art. Serious, permanent eye damage can result from failing to use eye protection.
  • Bead making eye protection also comes in a huge variety of styles, including men’s and women’s styles, wraparounds, and prescription glasses.

If you’re working with bead making, protecting your eyes is important.

Eye protection during bead making really is about more than just protecting your vision; the quality bead making eye protection that we offer, called Phillips 202 or didymium, uses rare earth metals to cut the harsh sodium flare so drastically that it’s a completely different experience to work while wearing them. This means better work, more intricate design, and the ability to work comfortably.If you have any questions about bead making eye protection, what you need, or how to order, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or give us a call. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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